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Sims Zoo (solved in GOS)
« on: July 05, 2019, 09:48:35 PM »

Is there any forum member who is also a member of the Sims Zoo?
Some time ago, I found amazing deco animals ts2 but to download them it is necessary to be registered.
But every time I try to sign up for my computer, it's not working.
I agree to accept the Agreement to use this site, but do not conclude.
For my cell phone I managed to pass this phase but unfortunately when I enter the user data, password and email, and then I click accept, nor does it conclude.
Can someone help me?


Edit : For those who are interested in visiting the forum without registering, a GOS member helped me by indicating a link.
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Re: Sims Zoo (solved in GOS)
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@FannyCandySims I'm very sorry, I only now saw your post. If you or anyone else here has still trouble registering, please contact me! I'll set your accounts up. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Meet us at the Simszoo :)