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DOTY 2018~ Theme & Entries: Round 1
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* The DOTY stands for "Designer of the Year". It is a contest that lasts for 2 months. It will have 9 rounds, each round will last 5 days {Tuesdays [12am USA EST]~Saturdays [11:59pm]}. There will be a countdown clock for each round so you'll know how much time you have until you must submit your entry. There can be absolutely no extra time allowed as we are on a tight schedule so no extensions can be given. So if you have signed up, you have given us a promise that you'll stick with it till eliminated or win. On Tuesdays, you will be given a theme, possibly a floor plan & some specifics that must be included in your entry. You may use cc, your own recolors/meshes or just game content but cc will definitely help you realize what you envision. After the round is finished, you may remove your entry and all it's cc from your game if you like as you will not be needing it again. Each Round will start anew .You will be allowed 6 in-game pictures for your entry, but no collages or pictures in pictures. I am going to try something a bit different with this year's DOTY. Reshade will be allowed as well as "slight" photoshopping. No heavy handed stuff but nice small tweaks that will slightly enhance the quality of your shots. But, if this is misused or you abuse this gift, I will take it away.  :police: Fairness is my concern and I feel this will do just that for all game players. You may include a border. Once you post your entry, you may not modify it so make sure before you post that all specifics are met and that you haven't forgotten anything.

And let The DOTY 2018 begin....
Round One: Small City Park hosted by Betsy4Arts
Your entry will include 1 overview and 5 various views of your amazing park!

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Re: DOTY 2018~ Theme & Entries: Round 1
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Sims 2 Entry - DOTY 2018
I'm sorry I was really busy this week. It isn't my best work.

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Re: DOTY 2018~ Theme & Entries: Round 1
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