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Just What is the DOTY 2016?
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aquestionmark For those of you who aren't really sure what the DOTY 2016 is, I will give you some info.

* The DOTY stands for "Designer of the Year". It is a contest that lasts for 2 months. It will have 9 rounds, each round will last 5 days {Wednesday~Sunday}. There can be absolutely no extra time allowed as we are on a tight schedule so no extensions can be given. So if you sign up, you have given us a promise that you'll stick with it till eliminated or win. On Wednesdays, you will be given a room, it's dimensions, it's theme & some specifics that must be included in the room. You may use cc, your own recolors/meshes or just game content but cc will definitely help you realize what you envision. After the round is finished, you may remove your entry and all it's cc from your game if you like. Each Round will start anew .You will be allowed 5 in-game pictures for your entry but no collages or pictures in pictures. Also no photoshopping. You may include a border.

* There will be judges{members of the staff} who will decide the points given {per a judging criteria already understood} to each participant's entry on Monday & Tuesday. We will name who will be going on to the next round on Wednesdays when we announce the next round. Actual points will not be publicly posted but members may PM us if they wish to know their scores. No one will be eliminated after the 1st round so you can get a feel for what the judges are looking for, but we will be eliminating in later rounds. Your points will be cumulative until round 9, then the finalists will start at 0 again. Who ever wins round 9 will be DOTY 2016!

* Those who are eliminated may still post entries but they will be JFF {just for fun} and will not be scored. Staff may also enter any rounds that they choose but will be JFF as well.

I hope that I've answered some of your questions and that you will ALL sign up. It's lots of fun and you will be challenged and learn! BetsyRose

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