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Author Topic: Sims 2 and Origin  (Read 301 times)

Offline Kim

Sims 2 and Origin
« on: April 20, 2018, 03:07:24 PM »
I like the fact that origin removed securom from the update a while ago but was disappointed that I now have to launch the origin client in order to run the game. So I wondered if there was a way round it and I did some searching on Google. I didn't really find anything useful, but then I remembered the old no CD crack I used to use to save my disc from wear and tear. I searched my old hard drives and tracked down the zip file. I backed up my mansions and gardens exe and then replaced it with the crack.To my delight, it works! I no longer need to launch origin  ksmile
If anyone wants the file PM me. Please note this is only for mansions and gardens.
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The following users thanked this post: Betsy4Arts