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Title: Site Rules
Post by: Kim on April 04, 2015, 10:32:14 PM
Welcome! The guidelines below are the primary rules of our forum, please take the time to review them.

Users are encouraged to use the “Report to moderator” function within threads, should they feel that any comments posted on the forums have violated any of the guidelines stipulated here. Users should not moderate other users themselves, but instead should refer a situation to a member of staff.

Forum rules are final. The staff of SimPearls reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread with or without reason or notice. Polite enquiries will be listened to via PM. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

SimPearls – Rules/Guidelines

Please speak english at all times

By registering with SimPearls, you agree to the following guidelines and policies:

Be Polite
We don’t want any drama here at the forum, just a nice and relaxing place to visit. Some of us have enough drama in real life and come to the forum to escape for a while, have fun and chill out. The staff and I daresay most of the members do not come to the forum to get involved in drama or bickering. Rudeness will not be tolerated. No arguments, no bickering and no profanity.

Hate Speech
Racial, homophobic or any other type of “hate” material does not belong here at the forum and will earn you a ban.

Images must be 800x800 pixels in size or smaller. Anything bigger will have its IMG tag removed and a warning/infraction issued.

Please upload any image(s) to your own host before posting links. Any hotlinked images will be removed and the poster warned.

File Sharing
You may link to both paysites and file sharing sites such as the Booty and Simscave on the forum. Preferably leaving links to both for WCIFs so that downloaders can make their own decision as to where they download from. Files may only be shared on this forum with permission from its creator, and only be uploaded in the appropriate sections to wait approval from staff. You may however share files via Private Messages (PM).

Bad Language
Strong language is strictly NOT allowed. We have a strict censored word filter in place which will replace most swear words with asterisks, so please do not attempt to get round this. Any members found doing so will be given a warning. Any further attempts will result in a ban.

Spamming is frowned upon in most communities. You may advertise your own site by placing a link or image in your signature.
Blatant spamming will be removed and “non-sim” spamming will be cause for a ban.
Using our forum to recruit staff for your own websites either on the forum or via PM is against our rules, as is advertising your own site anywhere beyond sigs. You may not advertise contests outside of SimPearls on our forum or use our forum to drum up business for your own site other than what is permitted.

Duplicate Accounts & Nuisance Members
Anyone found to have a duplicate or fake account that uses it to lie to or try to fool our members and staff will be banned permanently. We have additional forum software that allows us to cross reference any IP and trace any IP, giving us their exact location co-ordinates. It is very easy for us to find out if your account is a fake or duplicate. Nuisance members will also be banned if they are found to be causing trouble for any of our members or staff.

Family Friendly
We are a family friendly site and have children amongst our members; as a result we ask that you keep adult debate, sexual language and adult images away from the forum. Sims nudity must also be appropriately covered.

Internet Common Sense and our Forum
Although our forum is known for the support of our members, whether Sims related, emotional, etc. , please keep in mind to use common sense in regards to internet behaviors. Although staff monitors the forum, there are at times instances that appear "too-good-to-be-true" behaviors, if you question anything that might represent an unhealthy behavior, post, or scam, please report it to a member of staff so that we may take appropriate actions.