Creating Walls for Sims 2 with Homecrafter Plus



Programs you will need:

Homecrafter Plus
Photo Editor such as photoshop, paint shop pro or microsoft paint

 If you want to share your walls with the community, you will need...

Sims 2 pack clean installer
Program capable of zipping files, such as winrar or 7zip




Creating Walls

First create your wallpaper in your photo editor, it needs to be 256x768 and seamless at each side. Once made, resize it to 256x512, resizing it to this makes it possible to use on TS2 on a mac

Save as bmp file and place in your projects folder. This step is important!
Your folder can be found
under My documents/EA Games/Sims2/Projects/Homecrafter plus/walls

Open homecrafter and click on Create Wall Coverings.....



Click on the plus sign to create a new wall

Choose the wall you want to create


Click the tick

Click grid off to check it seamlessly matches, zoom in if necessary. Then name it, price it and describe it, choose wall type and then click import to game

Check your wallpaper in game and see if it looks ok





Sharing your walls with the community


If you have made a bunch of walls place them in their own folder in your download folder,
they will probably look like this, so it's best to rename them to something more descriptive.
Ignore the symbol on the files, it's because I have SimPE installed
and I associate all my package files with it. If you don't have SimPE yours will be blank

Open clean installer and using the browse in the dropdown, navigate to the folder with your walls in

Once you click ok another window will open with a list of the walls, note as you click on each one,
a small preview will appear to the side so you can easily identify which is which.
Rename them one by one, as you rename them they will drop to bottom of list, so just keep renaming the one at the top
until you have done them all


Finally zip your walls

Your newly created archive will appear in the same folder as your walls, you can then move it
wherever you wish

To share upload to a storage site such as mediafire, box or simfileshare (if you are registered). Use the download url to share with the communty

If you need a referal code for simfileshare, message me on simpearls or tumblr






This tutorial was written for SimPearls July 2018
Tutorial and pictures are the sole property of ©Kim Cross/SimPearls
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